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Here are some frequently asked questions about AA and/or the Western Club.
Q. What does "Open meeting:", "Closed meeting", and "Open Speaker meeting" mean on the meeting schedule.
A.  Open meetings are for anyone interested in coming to a meeting.
A   Closed meetings are generally for AA members only-"The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking" People who think they may have a problem with alcohol and may want to stop drinking are also welcome at closed meetings.
A. Open Speaker Meetings are open meetings with a speaker. Which means anyone seeking information on Alcoholism may attend. Attendees usually do not participate or share in the meeting.
Q. What are meetings like?
A. Meetings other than speaker meetings are called discussion meetings and usually have a chairperson who opens the meeting, shares on a topic based on recovery for a few minutes and then calls on other attendees to share on the subject. Some people share and others simply say they would rather listen.
Q How long do meetings last?
A Meetings last for one hour.
Q Can you come late or leave early.
A Yes-People frequently arrive late and sometimes leave early,but please be respectful.
Q What do people wear.
A There is no dress code,but be respectful of yourself and others.
Q What about "Drug Addicts"
A  Experience has shown that many people are dually addicted to drugs and alcohol. Anyone is welcome who "Has a desire to stop drinking".